Lluís Torrents Cruz


Co-Director of Razzmatazz Nightclub

Lluís Torrents Cruz holds a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona, and a Masters in Oenology from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya.

He has been working in the music industry since 1985, first as Managing Director of Humedad Relativa nightclub for 8 years, then as Manager of Zeleste nightclub for 2 years. Following this, he became Co-Director and Head of Operations for the Sinnamon Group for 8 years (record label, concert and festival promoter, agent and manager of artists). Lluís has been Co-Director and Manager of Razzmatazz nightclub since its foundation in 2000 and is also a promoter of Miles Away concerts since 2009. Furthermore, since 2014 he is President of the Catalonian Concert Venues Association (ASACC), and a board member of the Catalan Academy of Music since 2016.